Journey back to yourself.

Rediscover your inner self and empower your mind and body amidst Ometepe's natural wonders.


Whether it's disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of modern life or centering yourself through meditation, OM Island Retreats has something for you.

Journey to the present moment at OM Island Retreats.

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility, surrounded by nature's embrace, nestled right on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. Our retreats offer curated programs for unwinding, exploring, and reconnecting.

Amidst two majestic volcanoes, discover the intersection of human consciousness, rejuvenation, and the skills needed for a brighter future. Join us to rediscover passions, forge connections, and grow amidst like-minded individuals.


Unwind in paradise, surrounded by the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the island.

Immerse yourself in tranquility and create lifelong memories at OM Island Retreats, where serenity and adventure go hand in hand. Experience something truly unforgettable.


Of course, your kids get to have fun, too!

Let your little ones go on the ultimate fun-filled adventure at our Kids Fun Camp! Let them safely explore the outdoors, express themselves through art, and cool off with the island's various water sports. With a focus on learning through fun, our experienced counselors promise endless smiles, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime. From nature hikes to campfire tales, and arts and crafts to culinary creations, this camp offers an extraordinary blend of excitement and education all year round.

This captivating 2-week program offers children the opportunity to discover new passions, forge friendships, and expand their horizons in a safe and nurturing environment. Just as parents find transformation and rejuvenation, their children will also create lasting memories and embrace the joy of self-discovery against the backdrop of nature's tranquility. Join us now, and let the adventure begin, no matter the season!



Meet Adyana, your host and guide to the OM Island Retreat Center. As a Licensed Pediatric Occupational Therapist with more than 30 years experience, she is well-known for her knowledge and compassion. A distinguished graduate of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, she has successfully owned and operated multiple therapy clinics in Austin and the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

Beyond her credentials, Adyana's dedication to serving children with developmental, sensory, behavioral and learning challenges has made her a cherished figure in many families' lives. In addition to addressing these challenges, she is passionate about enabling children to immerse fully in their daily activities, nurturing their overall growth and a harmonious balance in social-emotional development. Furthermore, she's been the pillar of support for countless parents, offering them the guidance and insight they need to provide a nurturing environment for their children.

Adyana's deep understanding combined with practical, transformative interventions uplift and empower the children and resonate with their families, priming all for life's essential milestones.

So, why not explore? Join Adyana and the incredible OM Island Retreats team for an experience you won't forget. Her expertise and the tranquility of Ometepe Island will aid you in diving deeply into a world of holistic wellness, serenity, adventure, and rekindled passions.

All while forging bonds with a community that feels just like family. We look forward to seeing you soon at OM Island Retreats!

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”It is an excellent place, I was with my family and Adyana's attention was excellent, congratulations for a beautiful place friends I invite you to visit OM Island retreats😍😍
You can swim, take photos, ride on floats and most importantly, Adyana has special attention to visitors.”
It is a super nice place, I recommend it, the owner Adyana Brashear treated us very kindly, she showed us around the place and we were able to ride on floats that she lent us, if you want to visit Ometepe I recommend this place."


Definitely recommended! Very beautiful and relaxing place. Very tasty food and super hospitable!"



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